Commissioned Artwork

It's been my pleasure to create artwork for authors, collectors, and veterans memorial foundations.  While creating commissioned art I always work very closely with my clients to bring their vision to life.  It's a totally different creative process, and the goal is to suit the desire of the patron who commissioned the work.  Here are a few examples of the commissioned work I've created in the past. 

During early 2020 I was contacted by the East Mississippi Veterans Foundation.  I was honored when the Foundation asked me to create some art focusing on a special RF-4C Phantom II, S/N 67-0438. 


This aircraft was flown by members of the Mississippi Air National Guard's 153rd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron at Key Field ANGB in Meridian, MS.  The Foundation is bringing 0438 back to Meridian, from Davis Monthan AFB, to restore and display in their veterans memorial park.  I was asked to create artwork which would assist them with fundraising for the project.

A limited edition run of 100 prints are being sold through my website with funds going toward the restoration and display of 0438 at the East Mississippi Veterans Memorial Park.  Get yours by clicking the illustration of the two Phantoms!

The client who commissioned these renderings was a collector of Thunderchief memorabilia who wanted illustrations of two very special "Thuds".  Bring a huge fan of the F-105, I was quite happy to oblige!  With my client's kind permission, I present these images of some of the artwork I created. 


Lots of time went into making certain the planes were authentic; from the 3-D models, to using just the right color values for the reverse camouflage paint scheme on the F-105D, and the emblems and overall metallic quality of the F-105B. There was a heavy degree of communication with my client to ensure everything was to their standard.  The same client asked for F-105F illustrations, which I will enjoy creating, too!

The client who commissioned these renderings was an author who was writing a novel and wanted illustrations of the aircraft used in his story.  I was intrigued since all of the aircraft in his were Russian fighters and bombers. 


I consulted with the client to create fictional insignias for his aircraft, as well as other markings, paint schemes, camouflage, and armament.  Routine "in progress" images were produced and discussed until his vision for each one was realized. 


This was a very enjoyable, long term project.  More illustrations than those presented here were created since there were so many variants of each plane which needed to be represented. 

What's Your Vision?

Do you have a favorite plane, or planes?  Did you serve with a special squadron or group you're proud of?  Do you want to commemorate a special person's service, a significant event, or give them a one of a kind gift they'll treasure?  Or, are you in search of someone to produce illustrations for a publication or a product? 


I am always open to commissioned work, and welcome any opportunity to create something unique for others to enjoy.  Please contact me through my website.