McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantom.jpg

McDonnell Douglas RF-4C

Phantom II

The McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantom was a 1,400 MPH tactical reconnaissance fighter that used highly sensitive cameras and sensors to obtain critical intelligence information regarding high-priority assets.

McDonnell F-101 Voodoo Interceptor USAF Air Force

McDonnell Douglas RF-4C 67-0438 EMVF.jpg

"Phantom's Inbound Key" is a print commissioned by the East Mississippi Veterans Foundation commemorating an iconic RF-4C Phantom, 67-0438, once flown by the 153rd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron.  Limited to 100 signed and numbered editions, proceeds from the sale of this print go toward the restoration and display of 0438 at the East Mississippi Veterans Memorial Park in Meridian, MS. 

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