Lockheed Project L-133

An advanced early 1940s concept from Lockheed could have been the world's first jet fighter!

Lockheed L-133
Lockheed L-133 Blueprint Poster

Lockheed was never able to actually manufacture its L-133 proposal.  But, what if it had?  This was the question I asked myself, and this illustration was the answer.  Had they been produced, the L-133 would have been the first jet-powered fighter aircraft.  It likely would have been superior to anything else in the skies over World War II Germany.  In this illustration I've featured two of the fighters patrolling the skies.  Both planes wear a paint scheme similar to how they might have been painted during the latter days of World War II.

A simple set of three orthographic views of the L-133 twin turbojet fighter.  The astute observer might note the wing of this design looked quite similar to that of the Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star.  The wing design was actually one of the elements of the L-133 which found their way into the Shooting Star.  This, among others, was likely one of the reasons Lockheed were able to design, prototype, test, and deliver the P-80 so quickly.