McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantoms of the 153rd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron

McDonnell Douglas RF-4C

Phantom II

The McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantom was a 1,400 MPH tactical reconnaissance fighter that used highly sensitive cameras and sensors to obtain critical intelligence information.

12th TFS RF-4C Phantoms-Alone Unarmed Un
McDonnell Douglas RF-4C 67-0438 EMVF.jpg

"Phantom's Inbound Key" is a print commissioned by the East Mississippi Veterans Foundation commemorating an iconic RF-4C Phantom, 67-0438, once flown by the 153rd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron.  Limited to 100 signed and numbered editions, proceeds from the sale of this print go toward the restoration and display of 0438 at the East Mississippi Veterans Memorial Park in Meridian, MS. 

My latest work is titled "Alone, Unarmed, & Unafraid."  Presented as a 24x18 inch giclée print, it depicts two McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantoms flown by the 12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron (TRS), based at Tan Son Nhut Air Base in the Republic of VIetnam.  The 12th TRS flew over 26,000 combat sorties over North Vietnam, South Vietnam, and Laos.  They flew over 53,000 hours combined, two thirds of which were during night time missions.  Unlike the RF-4B Phantom, flown by the U. S. Marine Corps, the crews flying the RF-4C had no armament.  Their only defense was their speed.

The aircraft in the foreground of this piece is RF-4C-32-MC 67-0452, which was assigned to the 12th TRS in 1968.  After the Vietnam War, the aircraft was also flown by the 9st TRS, the 196th TRS, and the 3427th Test Squadron.  The aircraft is now preserved at the USAF Armament Museum at Eglin AFB, Florida.