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12th TRS RF-4C Phantoms

Good morning everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. I thought I’d begin the week with an update on my new Phantom artwork, which is almost finished. I haven’t worked on this for a week or so. I wanted to come back to it with a fresh eye toward any changes that could be made to the artwork.

I’ve pretty much kept the composition of the scene the same. The only large scale changes I made were adjustments to lighting and the clouds, which I moved a bit to reveal a little more of the terrain below. I made the shadows cast by the clouds darker, and the lighting adjustments make the colors in my scene more saturated.

12th TRS RF-4C Phantoms

I made several changes to the textures of the Phantoms over the weekend. Probably the most notable change was creating grime and staining on the underside of the planes and weathering the engine exhausts. I wanted to add a layer of soot and grime to the plane without making it look cartoonish.

Same goes for the exhausts, where I wanted to show some heat discoloration without going overboard with it. I may tone down the exhaust discoloration again before I’m finished, but I don‘t believe it’s too over the top at this point. I’m hoping to make a final, large format render this week so I can move into some post production work (adding engine smoke, and maybe wingtip vortices) and format it for the final 24x18 inch print.

I also need to think of a title for this. Any ideas?

As always, thanks for following along and please feel free to add your comments. See you next time!

Safe skies!


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