• John Matthews

Republic F-105D Thunderchief: A Work In Progress

Updated: Mar 22

Hello all! I wanted to share with you the progress I made today with the Thunderchief artwork before I hit the sack for the night...

Republic F-105D Thunderchief
F-105 Thunderchiefs heading north.

I made several changes to the composition. I made some overall changes to the terrain to give it more depth and some subtle variations in elevation. Then I carved out a stream using a spline (a line, but with points along the line than can be moved to form curving shapes, like rivers and streams), filled it up with water (along with some in the terrain), and then tinkered with the terrain textures and trees. Looking at them from around 8,000 feet (the altitude of our planes), the trees will need to be scaled down. The clouds got a bit of a going over, and I increased their scale, but decreased their density and coverage until they had the right look. They’re just about where I want them now. I gave the camera a bit of a tilt, too, making it look like we’re banking with the planes. No work on the aircraft textures today, but soon

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Safe skies!


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