• John Matthews

“Alone, Unarmed, & Unafraid"

Updated: May 29

Hi everyone! What better way to end the week than by releasing new artwork. I decided to title my newest work “Alone, Unarmed & Unafraid” which wass the motto of the 12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron. The 12th TFS flew the McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantom II from Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Republic of Vietnam, where it was part of the 460th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing. The 12th TFS flew recon missions over North Vietnam, South Vietnam, and Laos, with two thirds of their missions being flown at night. Over a five year period, The 12th flew more than 26,000 combat sorties and 53,000 hours. This was more than they flew in both World Wars and Korea combined.

McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantoms of the 12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron

My latest work is presented as a signed, open edition 24x18 inch print. You can order yours now through my store.

Have yourselves a fun, safe Memorial Day weekend!

Safe skies!


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