• John Matthews

An Engine Pod for Grandma

Hi everyone! Today I "bit the bullet" and began creating the outboard engine pod for the '52. It was just a bit daunting, but the shape of the generic engine pod has been finished:

Newly modeled B-52 generic outboard engine pod.

So, how did that happen? I put extra edges into the mesh of the wing, then "drew" where the nacelle pylons should be by cutting more edges into the mesh of the wing. Next, I selected the polygons within that region and extruded them outward just a bit (just enough to have vertices to pull on to begin shaping the nacelle pylon. Get the basic pylon shape, then it's time to extrude some more, this time into a shape that resembles the engine pod itself. Lots of edge chamfering and scaling all over, welding a few things together, and... POOF! It's an engine pod. It's not a terribly long process (this took about three hours to complete, after a bit of trial and error), and not terrifically exciting, but I now have a basis from which I can create three different engine housings. The most basic one will be for the D model's J57-P-19/J57-P-29 engines. I can modify that a bit to form the G model's J57-P-43 housings, and then modify it even farther to create the housings for the H model's TF33-P-3s. The same can be done with the nose, since there's a bit of difference between the D and the G/H versions. Same with the tail guns. The biggest changes being the mounting of the 20mm Vulcan cannon and a couple radomes since there was no longer a gunner with the H model.

The Boeing B-52 3D model with newly created outboard engine pods.

More work to follow on the engine pods later. And thanks for following along!

Have a great evening!


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