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Republic F-105D Thunderchief: "Before the Thunder" (Work in Progress 2)

Updated: Mar 22

A few changes today, with more to come, soon.

A formation of Republic F-105D Thunderchiefs, loaded with 750 pound bombs, headed into north Vietnam.
Repulbic F-105 Thunderchief: Before the Thunder

I haven't changed anything with the aircraft yet except for moving them a bit. It's the terrain and clouds that received attention today. I scaled-down the trees in the landscape, as I mentioned the last time I wrote. I made them more dense, but I think I may have overdone that a bit. I may have to make an adjustment there so the trees look a little less like a carpet (Ha!).

I lowered the clouds about 1000 feet and changed their height a bit, too. They're a bit less dense now, and not quite as sharp as before, but still have good definition and detail. I've made some adjustments to the lighting as well, adding just a small bit of red to the sunlight. I'm liking the way the gloss and reflection on the planes' fuselages and wings are just enough to pick up light from the clouds.

Speaking of the planes, I still need to figure out who owns these (i.e. which wing/squadron) so I can put tail codes and numbers on them. I'll have to think about that one... I'm sort of leaning toward these being 465th Tactical Fighter Squadron '105s, which would have "SH" on the tail since they came from Tinker AFB, Oklahoma. We'll see...

"Jake Flight" Update:

Sales of "Phantoms Inbound Key" continue. 37 have been sold, and10 have been sent to organizers with the East Mississippi Veterans Foundation for sale at spring events. Because the proceeds go toward the restoration and display of 67-0438 at the East Mississippi Veterans Memorial Park I want to thank everyone who have bought a print and contributed to the project. I can't wait to see her on display!

I suppose that's it for this evening. I hope everyone out here had a great weekend! See you later!

Safe skies,


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