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Bombers B-52

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you've all had a great weekend. I'm winding mine down by showing off some progress I made today with the B-52 model. When I last worked on the '52 I was creating the UV maps for the fuselage, wings, and stabilizers.

3D model of a Boeing B-52D

Those parts were pretty straightforward, and they're all flattened-out and ready to be painted. It's the engine pods that were dealing me fits. Lots of curves and contours, especially at the engine exhausts. The outer port engine nacelle might look all the business in the above image, but it really became a problem. I had to remove the nacelle from the plane and really clean up the 3D mesh so I could do a better job of it. But, I think I have it worried now, and we're moving along once again.

3D model of a B-52 Engine nacelle.

Maybe I just needed to come back at it with a set of fresh eyes and a new way of thinking about it. The only parts left now are those at the intakes, and I'll probably start working on those tomorrow evening if time allows.

Boeing B-52D engine nacelle 3D model

My idea is to remove all the engines from the B-52 model and then import this pod to replace them. What I'll do is save this model of the engine pod for each of the three other engines, including the UV map. The engine pods on the starboard side of the plane will be mirrored versions of those on the port side, and I'll "weld" them all to the wings after collapsing the mesh for each one. It sounds like a lot of work, but nothing compared to creating separate UV maps for three more engine pods!

I'll give that a go once I've finished with the intakes, and upload a couple images to let you see whether it worked. The worst that could happen is some distortion when I weld the engine pylons to the wings. In that case, I'll just mate them to the wings without welding them so I can maintain the UV map.

Well, maybe a bit too much "inside baseball," but thanks for reading along just the same. Until next time...--the

Safe skies,


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