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Almost Ready For Takeoff!

Updated: May 22, 2019

First I want to thank everyone who subscribed to my website. I really appreciate everyone's interest in my work!

I've spent most of the day today setting things up. A bit more refining to do, but I think it's just about ready to go. I'm walking the runway and checking for FOD right now. We'll get off the brakes and take off by tomorrow.

A few business-y things...

THE WEBSITE: First off, I'm an artist, not a website designer (...did everyone just get a TV flashback of McCoy telling Kirk that he was a doctor, not a moon shuttle conductor?). If something isn't working right, please email me so I can fix it. There are bound to be a couple kinks at first and, if so, I'll iron them out as fast as I can.

EXCHANGES: If you're here and decide to buy something, please know that I'm very appreciative of your support. If something goes wrong with a shipment (such as substantial damage to your print), please send me an email with a photo of the damaged print. I'll be happy to replace it if it's been damaged and I want you to be happy. I inspect every print after it comes back from my printer. I'm also the "shipping department", so your prints will be hand rolled and packaged with care by me. I'll let you know if there's going to be any delay, but will work very hard toward things moving along swiftly.

SHIPPING: For the time being I've decided to use FedEx residential shipping. I've encountered damage problems with USPS and UPS previously when shipping artwork. Not that accidental damage can't happen, but my clients and I have been pretty happy with FedEx so far, so I'm going to continue shipping with them. At any rate, if you should order a print, it will be shipped in five business days after your order and I'll email you a tracking number for the shipment.

REQUESTS/COMMISSIONS: I love creating artwork for people. That's why I'm here!

If you'd like me to create something special for you all you have to do is email me and we'll begin working out the details. I can tell you my clients have been very happy with their artwork and continue awarding me with projects to work on for them.

I guess that's about it for now. In the future I'll be posting progress images on current and new projects.

Until then, "safe skies"!

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