• John Matthews


Hi everyone! Hope you’re all doing well and enjoying a nice weekend. These are a couple doodles I’ve been working on in the past couple weeks. Nothing finished, just composing the scenes and layouts.

I wanted to dust off the F-105Ds and let them scream over the treetops, about 300 feet AGL, in this shot. I’ll likely add a bit of motion blur and some afterburner. The planes are just “there” for the time being. I’ll have to adjust the air brake petals so show them as being opened somewhat, which was how they would have been if the plane were going at full chat.

I also brought the 87th FIS F-101B out again and make a proper profile illustration layout for it. Still bears more work, but I’ve settled on this layout for the print, with the patches and the vintage “Voodoo” emblem in the lower margin for visual interest. What do you think?

I’m also working on a new scene featuring the B-47. I’m happy with the clouds and the overall appearance of the atmosphere. Still playing with their formation though until it hits the eye better. May also add some wispy clouds higher up and some contrails from the engines. We’ see...

The artwork I created for the East Mississippi Veterans Memorial Park is now finished and ready for the print shop. I’ll let you all know when the limited edition, signed and numbered prints are available on my store here on my website.

Have a great afternoon!

Safe skies!


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