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Everyone Needs a Shirt!

So, how was everyone's Thanksgiving?  I hope everyone had a fun, safe time with family and friends.  Not as large a crowd here at the House of Matthews this year since most of the in-law throng was out of town.  They were missed.  Most of them.  (Ha!)

You know, Federal law compels me to let you know, once again, I've started creating tee shirt designs. I've been uploading more of them to my storefront at Tee Public.  I think I mentioned previously this is a company that takes designs like mine and prints them on tee shirts, coffee mugs, notebooks, stickers, magnets, and almost anything else that'll stand still long enough.

The nice thing is they run sales nearly all the time. If I upload a new design it'll be on sale for three days at $13.00, and other sales happen pretty frequently. There are lots of different colors, and they have shirt sizes up to 5X. Ladies and kids, too! Tees, sweatshirts, hoodies... you name it.  

I've bought some tees from them and I've been impressed by their print quality. And I can attest to their customer service. They replaced one tee for free because it had a subtle defect.

I'll be posting these in the store on my website here with the external link for the shirts. Or, you can just go here and buy several dozen. Okay, maybe start slow with just one... Ha! I'll be adding new ones soon, and you'll see them first here!

I guess that's it for awhile. The next time I hope to unveil the first completed Voodoo illustration and have it uploaded into the store here. Until then, have a great week!


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