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Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 19

New Years' greetings to all! I hope this finds you and your families in good health and spirits as we move forward into 2021.

I began 2020 by working on the 3D model for a B-52. Here's a short video of my progress on the basic model...

I began modeling her as a B-52G. However, she ended up being a C/D model, which is where I wanted to begin. Here's the latest images of my work so far, picking up where I left off last year:

Picking up where I left-off, I wanted to model the tail gunner's compartment, radar, and the tail gun housing. That's done now.

Here's a side view of everything. This is a mass of different contours here and took a few hours to flesh-out between other chores around the House of Matthews. I'm happy with the look of it, but I'll still need to make a couple tweaks here and there once the model is finished.

Still have to model the housing for the quad .50s. I originally planned to make the tail guns a separate object from the bomber itself to allow them to traverse and for elevation. I decided to just go ahead and model them as one piece though because I want to get her finished and start on her texture maps.

You may just be able to make out the rough framing I did for the flight deck windshield glazing. I'll cut out the windows once the model is finished and I've made a rudimentary cockpit of some sort.

Here you can see some of the details I added inside the engine air intakes. I'll post more progress images once I've added the guns to the tail.

RF-4C Phantom Prints

I'm very happy to say we've sold over 1/3 of the limited edition print, "Phantoms Inbound Key" for the East Mississippi Veterans Foundation!

These prints are limited to 100 signed and numbered editions. Shipping is free, and every purchase helps the East Mississippi Veterans Foundation with funding needed to restore Phantom 67-0438.


Here's a completed project showing two flights of B-47s flying over the Continental Divide:

I haven't decided whether I'm going to render this as a 24x18 inch print, or at 30x20 inches. I'm leaning toward 24x18 inches right now, but I want to begin the final, higher resolution render sometime soon.

Well, I suppose that's about all for today. I truly hope you, and your families and friends all enjoy a healthy, happy, prosperous 2021!

Safe skies!


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