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In The Voodoo Seat And A New Gallery Entry

Hi everyone! After a full week out of town training for my “day job” I had the weekend to hang out with the family and unwind. No major progress on the Voodoo really except for a bit more work on the 3D model of the ejection seat yesterday...

Not much detail, but there really doesn't have to be a ton of detail when it may only be seen from around a hundred feet away at the closest. Not quite finished yet. I'll be able to put some more time in on it this coming Saturday perhaps.

Also yesterday I had some time to create a new print for the F-105 gallery:

335th TFS F-105B Thunderchief

I adopted a different layout I hope some of you may find more interesting than the standard horizontal one I normally use. Presented here in a 20x30 poster I've captured the profile of F-105B 57-5778, flown by the 335th TFS at Seymour Johnson AFB. Underneath is a short history of the type with a Republic Thunderchief heritage design near the bottom. Clicking on the above image will take you to the gallery page for this new print.

As always, I appreciate you for following me and taking a look. Have a great week!


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