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Interrupted Hooligans and the Big Bomb Truck

Hi everyone! Well, last week I hit a snag rendering the final 18x25 image of the Hooligans’ Voodoo scene for the final 20x30 inch poster artwork.

We had quite a bit of rain last weekend. No storms, but a lot of rain. Something down the line caused a glitch in our power, which my son and I both noticed while we were making dinner. I didn’t think anything of it at the time of course since it was only momentary.

So, after dinner I went to my office to check on the rendering, which had been going on for a week at that point and was 25% complete by that time. I fired up the monitor and was greeted by the Windows login screen. Obviously the power glitch had caused my workstation to reboot.


I brought the program back up and, unfortunately, there was no saved data for the in-progress render. So, I had to begin the rendering again for that scene.

A real bummer to be sure. Especially since it’s going to be a couple weeks before it’s finished. But, the minor delay does allow me to begin a new project focused on the Boeing B-52.

I haven’t been been able to spend very much time on the 3D model for the plane. I started working on the basic fuselage, then scrubbed it and started a second one that I’m happier with:

Next I extruded the stabilizers and very basic wings:

No big surprises or challenges so far, just lots of planning, and new edges that had to be cut into the mesh so it doesn’t go crazy when mesh density is increased once the model is finished.

I still have to complete the nose section and the wingtips, then add a bit of detail to the wing. At that point, I’ll start working on the engine pods. Now, the tail, tail guns, and engine pods are the most obvious differences in this planes appearance. So, what I want to do is save the model in a more or less generic form so I can modify it to create different models of the ‘52 as desired. And after my work on the B-47 I’ve gained experience in creating engine pods, so hopefully no big challenges there, either. I’ll make sure to post progress shots of the plane as work continues.

With that I’ll close for now. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week!



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