• John Matthews

Into the Paint Shop

Greetings everyone! I hope all of you have had a great weekend. They always go by too fast, I know. Before it’s over though I thought I’d spend a few minutes here and bring you up to date on my progress with the East Mississippi Veterans Park RF-4C Phantom, 67-438.

When we were here last week she looked like a checkerboard. Over the weekend I finally finished flattening out the 3D mesh of the plane this morning! It’s been very time consuming, but I wanted to make sure the final textures I paint on her would be as distortion free as I could make them. Without wasting any time I towed her into the paint shop for a preliminary coat of paint.

And it’s -very- preliminary. The gray values will bear some adjustment, as will the Hill camouflage pattern itself. But, it was hard not to get this far and not see her with paint.

Lots of adjustments and details still to come, as I said. However, work should march forward sharply now that the basics have been laid out.

Now the really fun part begins; laying out panel lines, insignias, stencils, and everything to visually bring her to life! I also need to make a 600 gallon centerline tank and wing pylons for her. But, those can be added in a day or so.

New Tee Shirt Designs!

While we’re here, let me show you a couple new tee shirt designs I uploaded yesterday to my storefront at Tee Public.

F-101 Voodoo Tee Shirt

The first is a new B-47 Stratojet design, with three planes and a B-47 heritage emblem. The second is the F-101 Voodoo, the McDonnell Voodoo patch, and the McDonnell Aircraft script arranged vertically. A bit of a “retro” look for both designs. I’ll be working on similar designs for a couple other planes this week.

Well, I suppose that’s it for this evening. I really hope everyone has a great week and I look forward to getting together here with everyone again soon!

Safe skies!


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