• John Matthews

Meanwhile, at the “Phantom Works”...

Hello everyone! I hope everyone’s Presidents Day weekend was a good one.

Work on the Phantom is progressing... Phantasticlly (Ha!). I devoted some time on the 3D model focusing on the tail of the plane. The area near the exhaust is an area I focused on since it begins as a concave shape, near the jet exhausts, then becomes convex as the tail progresses to the very end of the plane.

Added to that is a recessed area housing the big arrestor hook.

As you can see, I’ve added horizontal stabilizers. I was also working on the intakes, and the interior of the intakes which lead back to the inlets for the engines. I finished yesterday by creating the cut-out for the arrestor hook, and made the arrestor hook itself. The hook isn’t finished, but I’ll post images of it once it’s done.

I’m becoming more confident of the appearance of the plane since it‘s agreeing with my reference drawings and photos. Can’t wait to put wings on her, but I’m still obsessing over the tail area before moving on to those.

More to follow...


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