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More Voodoo

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a great week and will be able to enjoy a fun weekend.

I put in a bit more work on the F-101 today...

As you can see here, I modeled the cooling air intakes for the afterburners. Those might need a bit more tweaking before I'm really happy with them. I also modeled the infrared sensor housing and small sabre intakes that present themselves near the vertical stabilizer.

Inside the afterburner housings you can just see some of the detail work I did there. That may not be seen in an illustration, but I thought I'd add it just the same. I still need to add wing fences and also the ones seen on the bottom of the fuselage, just underneath the canopy. She's getting there, though. Next big job will be creating the framing for the canopy and beginning to model the cockpit.

Here's a hint at the first illustration using the Voodoo...

It would be vertically oriented, but I want to depict at least two ships in a steep climb, through clouds, with terrain in the background, heading towards an interception, in afterburner.

I haven't worked on the Badger today, but more images of that project will be forthcoming.

As always, thanks for your continued interest and for stopping by to see what's going on.

All the best,


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