• John Matthews

Nearer the End Than the Beginning

I hope everyone has had a great weekend. It’s certainly been a milestone weekend. We watched with excitement as a few “firsts” were made yesterday morning. First launch of a manned spacecraft from Cape Kennedy in nine years. First manned launch in a commercial spacecraft with the Space-X Falcon booster and Dragon capsule... Wow! A picture perfect launch, flight, and then docking this morning with the ISS. Only a minor communication issue after docking marred what otherwise seemed like a perfect flight up. So happy the U.S. is back in the manned space flight game!


I’ve created what is a “sketch“ of my composition for the East Mississippi Veterans Foundation’s RF-4C artwork. In addition to depicting 67-438 I was also asked whether I could include another special Phantom, 66-430. 0430 wears special 50th anniversary “Magnolia Militia” markings of the 153 TRS/186 TRG. I was more than happy to include the extra Phantom as they wished!

There are still a few changes and tweaks to be made. But, we’re closer to the end now than the beginning and feedback from the EMVF has been very positive.

I think that’s about it for this evening. Hope all of you have a great week! More soon...

Safe skies!


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