• John Matthews

New Tee Shirt Designs! More B-52!

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a great weekend! We're enjoying some warmer weather here, which is perfect for firing up the grill for BBQ this evening.

I just finished creating and uploading five new tee shirt designs to my store at Tee Public!

As usual, all of these will be on sale for the next couple days with prices starting at $13.00. Lots of different colors to choose from and sizes up to 5X. You can get my designs on other things, too, like coffee mugs, phone cases, pouches, totes, stickers, and magnets! High quality direct-to-garment printing on great tee shirts and other fun things.

Also, my latest F-101 Voodoo illustration may finish rendering this evening! Can't wait for you all to see it! If not this evening, then it will definitely be fully rendered tomorrow. I'll definitely let you all know once it's ready.

I've also been working on the B-52D model a bit more. Quite a bit was done to the engines, giving them a bit of detail inside the intakes and exhausts, and checking their shape against reference images...

I think the nose needs a bit more work. Other than that, I believe it's time to begin modeling the tail gun section of the plane.

Have a great evening (GO CHIEFS!),


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