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Next Stop: The Paint Shop

Hello folks! Hope everyone’s doing well and staying healthy as we hit the end of the week.

As time has allowed I’ve been able to make a few adjustments to the 3D model for 67-438, the RF-4C Phantom which will eventually be on display at the East Mississippi Veterans Memorial Park. Most of them were pretty subtle, but it’s important for this plane to look right.

The nose of the plane got the most attention this time around. The ram air intake scoops and the area near the side camera windows were corrected. I made both too round originally. The area around the side camera windows is flat, and the ram air scoops are nearly flat. Both have been corrected now. I also reshaped the sides of the plane aft of the ram air scoops. Too convex originally. Now they’re nearly flat with just a slightly curved shape.

The engine intakes were next. I originally had the outer lip of the intakes practically vertical. I was able to give them their proper bowed shape and chamfered a few edges to keep things from looking segmented.

There’s a window for a camera on the bottom of the plane just ahead of the leading nose gear door. It’s sort of a rounded trapezoidal shape and I had it turned 180 degrees the wrong way! Easy fix, but I wish I’d made it right the first time. You might notice here I placed to vents near the arrestor hook since they’re on the actual plane. There are many smaller vents. I’ll likely make those in texture rather than model them.

I think the last thing to do will be to make a 600 gallon center line tank and then modeling this plane will be finished. It’s time for this bird to be towed into the paint shop!

Now, while I’m doing that, I can start creating some scenery for it to fly in. But, that’s a picture for another post!

Until next time be well, take care of yourselves, and we’ll see you next time.

All the best,


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