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One-O-Wonder In Progress

Been a while since I last wrote. It was a busy month of June here. Retirement after 28 years at my previous job, a short and enjoyable research trip the the National Museum of the United States Air Force, and fun trip to Arizona with my kids to visit their fantastic grandparents.  In between I've been able to get some work in on the F-101B 3D model.  Still a work in progress, but I'm finding fewer things that need to be changed.


I've changed several things on the 3D model. None of them are going to jump right out at you, just things I noticed while looking at it. The shape of the engine housings, size of the pitot tube and IR sensor housing, and the framing of the canopy were all changed/corrected. I've also separated the canopy glazing from the framing and made each to different thicknesses. As you can see in this image, I've started modeling the cockpit. This view in particular shows off the peculiar shape of the rear seater's instrument panel. There's still quite a bit of detail left to add though.

I pirated the pilot and rear seater from my B-47E as well as the ejections seats. Neither are correct for this plane, of course. I'll create new ones that are correct for the plane later. They're here primarily for size and scale as I work on the cockpit (also using internal arrangement drawings). Still a lot of work in this area left, but the large parts of the cockpit are pretty much finished.

Here you can see the IR sensor housing was resized. Getting closer to being a finished model. Can't wait to begin working on the texture maps! Stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by, as always!


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