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Painting a Badger and Making Some Voodoo

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Hello all! Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

For the past year or so I've been doing commissioned work for an author who's writing a novella. I promised not to disclose anything about his fictional work, but I can display the work I've created as illustrations. My work involves illustrations of Russian military aircraft which are used in his story. Here are a couple examples.....

I'm now working on another Tu-16 Badger bomber. This one will be wearing a natural metal finish, however, and will bear (no pun intended) different fuselage markings. Here's a picture of the texture work on the second Badger so far...

I'm almost half way finished with the metal texturing on the airplane. Metal finish still needs to be applied to the wings and the horizontal stabilizers. I need to go back into the texture and make the weathered lines of rivets less obvious, I think. Perhaps eliminate them all together. Not sure. Then two different missiles will need to be modeled and hung under the wings. So, a bit more 3D modeling work yet to do.

Speaking of modeling, while I was working through two commissioned projects, and a B-47E, I got the notion that I would start working on a McDonnell F-101B Voodoo. Living here in the St. Louis, Missouri area, I wanted to start creating works that reflected this regions many contributions to aviation. Since McDonnell-Douglas was based here in St. Louis, and since I once had a teacher who was a back-seater in the Voodoo, I thought I'd start with that.

So far I've modeled the fuselage, intakes, wings, and the beginnings of the exhaust....

I'll likely rough-in the canopy, vertical stabilizer, and horizontal stabilizers sometime today. So, if you like the F-101, you may want to follow along with this. I'm excited about this one since there were so many colorful paint schemes used by all of the Tactical Air Command, Air Defense Command, Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve units how flew her. Looking forward to creating many profiles of this plane in the not-too-distant future. So, please stay tuned and, as always, thanks for your interest!

2000 Hrs CST:

A bit of an update on the Voodoo:

The basic 3D model is now finished. Sure, there still a few details I need to attend to, but the basic model is now complete. Not bad for a couple days work (in between hanging out with the kids, meal making, laundry, errands, life... etc. Ha!).

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