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Panel Lines and Tee Shirts...

Hi everyone! I hope this finds everyone toward the end of an enjoyable weekend. Great fall weather around here, and you can definitely tell it's October. And Homecoming time at the high school, which was a laugh this year when my youngest son asked, "He has a date!?" when he found out his older brother had asked someone to the school dance. Ha!

So, what's been happening? The Voodoo is progressing. I've been working on the panel lines for the plane. The biggest hurdle is making sure everything lines up the way they should. Sometimes things didn't lay out correctly, so the coordinate map for some parts had to be addressed and flattened-out again. It can be a learning experience, or a pain, whichever you choose it to be. But, either way, it's always a learning experience, which is great.

Here's where we're at as of today:

All of the panel lines for the lower half of the plane have been applied now. The coordinate maps for the wings were all re-done so things line up as they should.

I'm not going to effort a lot of "grunge" on any of these 101s. They were kept pretty clean by their crews, at least that's the impression I have from all the photos I've seen and the people I've talked with about them. Still may have to tweak the color flash on the tail a bit, and possibly add a bit more stenciling, but the diffuse colors are finished now for the most part on the fuselage. Next thing I have to work on are the textures for the afterburner covers and horizontal stabilizers.  May have time to work on those tomorrow, since I'll be enjoying the Columbus Day holiday at home.  We'll see...

Tee Shirts!

So a friend of mine began talking about a website called and decided to start an account to upload some of his designs.  I tried doing this a couple years ago with a different website and bought a tee shirt with one of my own designs to see what their quality was like.  I wasn't impressed at all, so I didn't proceed any further.  

However, I've ordered a tee shirt from Tee Public and I have to say I'm blown away by the quality! Direct print-to-garment can be iffy sometimes. Not so here. The print is very, very dense. I can tell quality control is something they're concerned about because you receive really nice shirts. And, after washing and drying mine, the design is looking good! So, I can say, without hesitation, I would buy from them again. To put my money where my mouth is, I've began uploading my own tee shirt designs to the website and now have a store front there, which is John_Matthews_Art. There are only four designs posted so far, but more will follow:

All of the tee shirts come in lots of different fabric weights and they have adult sizes up to 5X. Kids and ladies shirts, too. Plus, I've set some of these up to be available on stickers, magnets, totes, and other things. These are newly added designs, so they're on sale presently. As I said, I bought tees from Tee Planet and I've been impressed with the quality. That's the primary reason I put my designs on their website. So, if you feel inclined, please click-over and scoop up a tee or two.

On that note, folks, it's time for me to turn in. I hope you all have a great week and I look forward to touching base with you again soon!


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