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Phantom Update

Hello all!

Hope everyone's doing well as the weekend draws to a close. Among house chores this weekend I had time to work on 67-0438, the RF-4C for the East Mississippi Veterans Memorial Park. My. progress was incremental, but significant.

This is where we left off last week...

This is where we began on Saturday of this weekend...

The area near the exhausts got some tweaking and I modeled an arrestor hook. After that, it was time to cut and extrude some wings. Creating the wings went pretty smoothly without any major challenges. She's really beginning to look like a Phantom now, isn't she?

I did some minor reshaping of the horizontal stabilizers since the upper surface, near the leading edge, makes a "dip". I refined that area of the fuselage too, where the horizontal stabilizer meets the fuselage, to flatten it out a bit more than I had previously. The contour appears more correct now. I also added the small intake at the base of the vertical stabilizer.

On the top of the wing I made the "bulge" for the main landing gear. This will be repeated on the bottom of the wing since there is a similar "bulge" (you like my highly technical jargon there...?) on the bottom side of the wing, but closer to the leading edge of the flaps. I tried to keep the main gear housing bulges subtle and I think I was successful in not making them too big or tall. The one on top blends in well as it flows toward the trailing edge of the wing.

You probably also noticed I modeled the sensors and acquisition lights on the wing tips. I also modeled the fuel vent mast, located just below the vertical stabilizer.

You may have also noticed the pitot tube on the nose is there now. I really didn't have time to do something I was looking forward to doing, however, which was modeling this:

Photo by Burkhard Domkey

Is that not the happiest face to ever grace the tail of a plane? Ha! Looking forward to getting back there and modeling those details. I think the engine exhausts are going to be next though.

Well, I think that's about it for this evening. I had planned on finishing and uploading new poster, but it isn't finished just yet. So, stay tuned!


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