• John Matthews

She's a D Model

Hi everyone! A little update on my Voodoo illustration and the 3D model of the B-52. The Voodoo illustration rendering seems to be progressing a bit faster. 35% done at this point. About half of the lead plane has been rendered now, so it's moving along. I'm really looking forward to seeing this in print! I'm also looking forward to having my rendering program freed-up so I can try out some ideas I have for creating terrain, JATO exhaust, AA and ground explosions, etc.

In other news, the B-52 has decided it wanted to be a D model.

I'll morph it into a G and then an H model later. I've been sculpting the outboard engines this week and I'm just about satisfied with the way they look. Maybe tomorrow morning I'll begin creating intakes and exhausts for them.

Actually, there's really only one engine nacelle at the moment. It's mirrored to the right half of the plane, which keeps me from having to create a second (or third, or fourth) set of engines. The inboard nacelles are just temporary clones of the first engines, mirrored and moved into position on the wings so we can get a better look at how she's going to look once they're all really "welded" into place.

As always folks, thanks so much for following along with my work! Enjoy a great weekend!


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