• John Matthews

The Phantom Nose Job

Hi folks! Hope everyone's had a great weekend. Just a bit of an update on RF-4C 67-438 for the East Mississippi Veterans Memorial Park. The first image I uploaded here was my first day's work on 12-Feb-20.

The remainder of the images represent where I am today with the 3D model.

The only thing that's held me back from getting this finished has been "real life" (Ha!). The Phantom is looking a bit more phantastic every day though.

After cleaning up the mesh and making some corrections this weekend I was at a point where I felt comfortable modeling the area in the nose that houses the reconnaissance cameras.

I'm fairly happy with the shape, which will stand some tweaking once the mesh of the 3D object has been finally collapsed. It'd be nice to have one in the back yard to refer to. But, between my Detail & Scale books, and reference photos, I'm doing the best I can to make 67-438 look phabulous!

So, what's next? I'm going to come back with "fresh eyes" tomorrow evening and look at the nose again. I always like to do that to see whether I spot something out of place. Then it'll be time to model the small scoops at the nose. After that I hope it'll be time to collapse the model and start working on the canopy, cockpit, ejection seats, centerline fuel tank, and some of the smaller fuselage details I can't work on until the mesh has been finally collapsed. I also need to begin working on the background terrain and atmosphere in e-on Vue.

Until next time, I hope you all have a great week! If you haven't already, please go take a look at and see this impressive veteran's memorial park project!

All the best,


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