• John Matthews

The World’s Fastest Checkerboard

Happy Sunday evening to everyone! Just a short post so you can see my progress with 67-438 for East Mississippi Veterans Memorial Park. I had time over the weekend to tow her into the paint shop to begin getting her ready for paint.

I'm unwrapping the surfaces of the 3D model to flatten it all out in 2D space. She's looking like the world's fastest checker board at the moment.

The idea behind the checkerboard pattern is to put a uniform texture on the plane with an eye toward identifying places where the painted texture would be deformed if there were no corrections. She's only partially unwrapped at the moment. Anywhere if hasn't been unwrapped looks a bit Salvador Dali right now.

I think if you talk to anyone who does 3D modeling they'll agree, unwrapping the model is likely their least fun part since it's time consuming and sometimes a matter of trial and error while deciding how a model is split up. It's a challenge, but I'm always up for those.

Anyway, I hope the week ahead of you isn't a challenge. Fair weather and safe skies to all!


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