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Time is Flying By...

Well folks, my vacation has ended and I have to go back to work. Actually, beginning a new job (after retiring from 28 years at the old one) and training to do something a bit different. Should be interesting, and it sounds as though I'm going to enjoy working with a lot of wonderful new folks who I'm looking forward to meeting.  I won't be able to get any 3D modeling work done this week though, which is a bummer.

Just last week I built a brand new workstation to create the 3D models I use in my artwork and my final renderings. It's a beast! I fed it a scene with lots of clouds and scenery, and planes that had lots of reflective surfaces, and it ate it alive! I mean it was impressively fast! So, It's going to be a fun computer to use to create my artwork.

I'm still working on the Voodoo:

No real badgers were harmed in the making of this image... Ha!


Yes, I know there weren't any actual intercepts of Tu-16s by any F-101s. I had the Badger model just flying around and wanted to see what such a scene might look like though. I'll make a Bear for the Voodoo to intercept in the near future.

Right now I'm working on the ejection seats for the Voodoo. I'm using a lot of different drawings and photos of actual F-101 seats for the 3D model and it's close to being finished. I won't be able to work on it any further this week, but perhaps more on the weekend.

Speaking of the future, here's a list of the planes you'll be seeing (in no particular order):

1. Natural metal finish Tu-16 (completing the textures soon)

2. The above F-101B (working on ejection seats and pilot/WSO figures presently)

3. B-52 (C, G, and H models)

4. F-4C Phantom

5. F-5 Freedom Fighter

6. F-105D (early model)

7. MiG-17

8. Tu-95 Bear

They all take time to create, but those are next on my "hit list".

Before I forget... I had a really interesting email from one of the kind folks who subscribes to my website here asking about commissioned work. I'm always open to creating new art for people to enjoy and call their own. If there's something special you'd like for yourself, or someone else, please reach out, let me know, and I'll be happy to set aside my own projects to focus on yours. Making people happy is what it's all about, folks!

With that, I have to "exit, stage left", and get some shut-eye for my "big day" tomorrow (wish me luck!). You all have a great week, take care, and, as always, thanks so much for subscribing and checking in here from time to time.

All the best,


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