• John Matthews

Tweaking the Voodoo

Hi everyone! I hope you've all had a great weekend. It's been a quiet one here. Amidst the errands and house chores I was able to sit down and get into the highlight and reflection maps for the '101...

What are those, you might ask? There are lots of different "maps" used to texture a 3D object. The "diffuse" map is the one containing all of the basic colors for the model. The overall gray of the fuselage, insignias and stencils, smudges on the fuselage, etc. The highlight maps control the global degree of highlight on the object and its strength. This is part of how a surface can appear either dull and flat, or glossy. The reflection map is the other part of that. The glossier an object is, the more reflective it may be. All of those maps come together to complete the texture of the object. Getting the right look can take awhile, but it helps create a more authentic image, which is what I strive for.

Here I'm trying to replicate the finish of the ADC/ANG paint schemes on the Voodoo. They were so clean-looking, colorful, and shiny. A big departure from the flat, camouflaged planes. They weren't mirror finish glossy, but did the finish did have some degree of gloss and reflectivity to it. So, getting the right proportion of each has been important to making this plane look just right.

It's getting oh-so-close to being finished and ready to begin working on profiles and scenery. I'm getting excited!

Well, with that, it's getting close to time to turn in for the night. I hope everyone out there has a great week.

All the best!


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