335th TFS Repulbic F-105B Thunderchief

In its day the F-105 Thunderchief was the largest, fastest single engine fighter aircraft ever built!  It was designed to succeed Republic's F-84 fighter bomber, but was a huge departure from traditional design and was extremely advanced.  Incorporating area-ruling in the fuselage design, a nose-mounted 20mm Vulcan cannon, and an internal bomb bay, the F-105 was designed to be a supersonic tactical bomber capable of delivering a nuclear punch!  In this illustration I've rendered an F-105B in its beautiful natural metal finish (they would later all be painted silver during USAF "Operation Look-Alike").  This Thunderchief wears markings of the 335th Tactical Fighter Squadron (The Chiefs), based at Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina.  The illustration, and a short history of the B model, are presented in a vertical format with a "Republic Thunderchief" heratige design at the bottom of the print.

    This illustration is presented as a 20x30 inch print on heavyweight poster paper.  Your print is ready to display or present in any readily available 20" x 30" frame.


    Ships within five business days using FedEx residential delivery.

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