F-101B Voodoo Tee Shirt

Back in the day the "One-O-Wonder" was the fastest plane in the sky. It broke the trasncontinental speed record (Los Angeles-to-New York and back) as well as the absolute speed record.  How about an initial climb rate of 44,100 feet per minute?  Whether you were a Voodoo driver, Scope-Wizard, Witch Doctor, Medicine Man, or you're a fan of vintage aircraft, you'll love this tee shirt design.


You can have it on a shirt, coffee mug, hoodie, sweatshirt, and other great items by clicking here and going to my storefront at Tee Public.  Lots of different styles, colors and sizes from small up to 5X.  Kids and ladies sizes, too.


Christmas is on the way!  Or maybe you just need one for yourself!

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