Martin Company XB-51 Profile

Martin Company XB-51 Profile

We've all seen aircraft with one, two, or four engines.  And of course the mighty Boeing B-52 has eight.  But who ever heard of a jet attack bomber with three?  This was just one of the advanced concepts used by the Glenn L. Martin Company during the late 1940s when they designed and built the XB-51.


Martin's XB-51 was an advanced, innovative attack bomber designed to replace propeller-driven attack aircraft.  Powered by three turbojets, and armed with eight 20mm cannons, the XB-51 incorporated a unique rotating bomb bay that enabled up to 4,000 of conventional bombs (or a nuclear device) to be loaded more quickly and deployed more efficiently.  Although it had a top speed of 645 MPH, and was certainly well armed, its effective range was less than competing aircraft and it was not ultimately selected by the U. S. Air Force.  Only two were built, both of which crashed and were destroyed at different times during flight test. 


This illustration is a simple profile of the XB-51.  It shows the unique turbojet engine arrangement and front engine pods to good effect as well as the tall T-tail.  The pilot seated underneath the canopy gives a sense of scale to the plane (it wasn't small by any means).  And, of course, who could miss that great "Martin XB-51" logo on the nose of the plane. 


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