Martin XB-51

Designed in the late 1940s, the Martin Company XB-51 was a radical departure from previous aircraft.  With its swept, variable incidence wing and tailplane, and propelled by three General Electric turbojets, the airplane was proposed as a fast attack bomber to replace piston engine aircraft.  Sadly, both aircraft were destroyed during flight test and there was no further development of this unique plane.


My 30"x20" illustration presents the XB-51 in plan and profile views.  The specifications for the aircraft seen in the lower right hand corner, mimicking a blueprint.

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    Your 30"x20" print will be made on heavyweight poster paper.  It's ready to be framed or presented in any readily available 30"x20" frame to enjoy.

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    Your print will be shipped via FedEx residential ground shipping.  Please allow five working days for processing and handling.  Estimated delivery times of three to five days to your address.  Tracking number will be provided with your shipment notification.

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