Tee Shirts

In addition to my print artwork I enjoy creating tee shirt designs, too.  Here's a gallery of the tee shirt designs I've created, which are all sold through my storefront at Tee Public.  All of the designs are available as tee shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, cooler cups, stickers, phone cases, totes, notebooks... you name it.  They have lots of different tee shirt styles and colors in men's, ladies, and kids styles with sizes up to 5XL.  Clicking on any of the images below will take you directly to that item at Tee Public.   

Thunderchief Banner.png

Republic F-105 Thunderchief

Tee Shirts

F-101 Voodoo Patch

McDonnell F-101 Voodoo

Tee Shirts

Phantom II Round.jpg

McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II Tee Shirts

B-47 Banner.png

Strategic Air Command Tee Shirt

SAC Crest.webp
Strategic Air Command Tee Shirt

When you order a tee shirt please know the designs are printed on each shirt individually after they're ordered.  Based on my personal experience, the time between your order until when it arrives on your doorstep will be a few weeks.  I've ordered several shirts from Tee Public myself and I've been impressed with the quality of the shirts and their customer service.  Print color is vibrant, and they've stood up to several washings with no apparent fade (turn the shirts inside-out and wash on "gentle/delicate" for best results).


Enjoy your shirts!